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Monday, May 19, 2008




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Thursday, November 30, 2006

8:14PM - shootout! screenshots

Hey guys there's this game called Shootout! From Kumagames.com. It's a

free game download and it's pretty tight. Check out the graphics here:

ScreenshotsCollapse )

Thursday, October 19, 2006


So my little brother broke his glasses and my dads making him pay for them, and apparently they are pretty damn expensive. So Kellen has basically given up all his games, except the ones he REALLY wanted, hahaha. So these are all FOR SALE ONLY. Cash sent in the mail please.


The GamesCollapse )

Friday, August 11, 2006


n00b surveyCollapse )

By the way, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me an 8-Bit Theater button this (Order of the Stick</a>) size with Black Mage on it? It doesn't even have to be animated!


Current mood: sore

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Some Suikoden info for you~
I have purchased Suikoden V with high hopes for it

After playing for multiple hours, I have decided that they've done a pretty good job in bringing back the Suikoden series ^_^
The first 5-6 hours were pretty boring, but the game gets much better once you get past that XD
The 6-person battle party has returned! And they've added Formations and Formation skills/bonuses, which really add to the strategy in forming your party
From what I've seen, some of the formations seem useless... But that's just me, you may find them all to be useful~

The war system seems to be a mix between Suikoden I and II
There's the Paper-Rock-Scizzors element in choosing which type of unit to attack an enemy unit with (Suikoden I)
And the army unit placement (Suikoden II) though it's been changed a little from being a form of grid-like movement/placement to a more free and open movement/placement style

I can't really say Suikoden V is a must have. It doesn't live up to the amazingness of Suikoden I and II
But it's not too far from it either~



So I've been playing through Final Fantasy IV~
I noticed something interesting

You know how Tellah has not-very-many spells before Mt Ordeals?
I noticed that he knows Cura, but not Cure

Earlier, one of the random white mages said something about Cure being the most basic healing spell
So wouldn't that mean that knowing Cura automatically means knowing Cure as well?? O_o
Maybe being old made him forget Cure?
But wouldn't forgetting Cure also mean forgetting Cura, since knowing Cure is part of knowing Cura? XD

Oh well~


Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Whoa! I just noticed in the user info of the community that we have 2 new members! o___o
Maybe not new since I dunno when you joined, but

Welcome to Gamers Rule, a community made for any and every gamer in the world!
I hope you enjoy your time here and find many happy hours of gaming ^___^

So, I shall now update again because this community needs some action.

Has anyone gotten their hands on the XBox 360 yet?
If so, how is it?
I have yet to get one... But I hope to have one by my birthday!
There are a few games that I've been really dying for!
Does anyone have anything on the new Perfect Dark? I've read about it and so far it seems a bit disappointing. I still plan on getting it myself, though.
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! I would give up so much to get that game!

This is a fun online game where you play as a random adventurer
They have many weapons, spells, armors, and pets (NPC's that can really help out in a tough battle) and also guest NPC's that will give you a party of 3! But you'll have to have the guest NPC's join you again each time you log back on
It's really fun, lots of monsters and quests, job classes, etc.

Another fun online game where you can do almost anything! Be a warrior and fight with melee weapons! Become an archer with bow and arrow! Become a mage with many spells! Become a farmer with the Agriculture skill! And so much more! XD

And also, a small note to the new members:
Could you post an introduction of yourself in the community so we can get to know you? ^_^ And also there's a survey in the user info (unless I took it out O_o I don't think I did) and you could post that as the introduction

Thank you



Did everyone enjoy their Wintereenmas??
I hope so!

I myself was late in celebrating and haven't been playing very many games lately...

I guess this community is still dead, though I'll still try to update it every once in a while

So, many happy gaming hours every day to you all!


Monday, November 21, 2005


Wow o_o
Almost 2 months since the last post here

Icon Contest #1 was a failure! 8D
But do not worry, I still have plans for this community 83
Not sure what those plans are yet O_o But I do have plans!

So... yeah...

Goodnight to everyone
And many awesome hours of gaming to all


Friday, September 23, 2005



Icon contest #1!
This contest shall be to create the funniest icon possible
All icons should have something to do with video games, gaming, web comics about gaming, stuff like that ^_^

Post your icons in a comment on this entry
I might try to make an icon, though I doubt it'll be any good XD
So have fun! 8D

Voting shall be in a few days
Maybe a week O_o
*so unorganized* XD

The winner shall receive an awesome banner with their icon on it stating that they have won the Icon Contest of... September of 2005 because I have decided to make them monthly contests ^_^ Though I might forget for some months XD

Have fun! ^__^


Wednesday, September 21, 2005



Near the bottom
"People are still falling for it" with 'falling for it' being a link to CtrlAltDel
O__o As in people still think 8-Bit Theater has taken over CtrlAltDel? As in it was never really taken over in the first place? I'm confused O____o
*brain melts* x_x


Has anyone read the news on CtrlAltDel-online.com??? o__o
*nods* It's been taken over by the creator of 8-Bit Theater
This is scary ;=; It's like war! o_O
You know what? XD It's almost funny XD
I fear this more than I've feared almost any other kind of war or disaster XD XD XD
I don't think I can function without the proper CtrlAltDel comics o____o
So, which side are you on?
CtrlAltDel? Or 8-Bit Theater?
But that matters not XP We're all gamers, and this community will forever be a safe place where gamers can come to in the midst of battle 8D
*sets up a tent* For those of us that need to restore HP/MP
*sets up a temple* For those of us that need recovery from a status effect or to be revived
*sets up an item shop* For potions and other items
*sets up a save point* So we don't lose everything when we die in combat ^_^

Friday, September 16, 2005

1:42PM - MGS4

Alright, when it comes to gaming, my true passion is the Metal Gear series.

Now, MGS4 is coming out for the PS3! It's looking pretty bitchin so....

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Click the top link (I think) to view the trailer. It's good.

This was also posted by another user in _outerheaven, my MGS community. (Heh, sorry about the comm promotion, couldn't resist :D) If you're a huge fan of MGS, you should go there....'course, it'd be nice if the community was active...


The controller for the new Nintendo Revolution looks like a tv remote O_o


Tv anyone? 8D XD XD

Based on this, I don't think I'll be getting a Revolution any time soon O_o
That, and I haven't heard much about it

But I plan on purchasing the XBox 360 and the PS3 ^_^
The PS3 because it's PlayStation O_o What more reason is needed? XD And plus, my PS2 is going screwy, so I need a new one anyway XP
And the XBox 360 because it's going to have Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The screenshots I've seen so far look amazing o_____o

That is all for now


Monday, September 12, 2005


Ok, so, I play this game online. It's called Dominion. It's a strategy type game that involves numbers and, well, strategy. You have control of your land, your Dominion, and your goal is to make it powerful and large. To help you do this, you're in an Alliance (You don't have to be, you can create your own, get invited into someones, or just remain out of an Alliance) and you can attack other Alliances, and such. It's a really fun game. Right now is the 2nd round (Not counting the two Beta rounds) and it's in day 12 of day 99. Anyone who joins and needs help, you can email or IM me (Info on my user info page) and I'll help how I can.

If you wanna play click http://www.kamikazegames.com/dominionLL/r.asp?r=14836&c=AOPQX

And just in case...

Some people get confused when they're making their account. Your username and ruler name should be the same, and your Dominion name is the name of your land, which appears in messeges and such. Like.

My ruler name is Celahir, and my Dominion is called Isinfier Plains (stfu I'm not lame ;) ) so when I send messeges, people see "General Celahir of Isinfier Plains #164 (164 is my Alliance number)

By clicking this link, it should make you my bannerman, which means that as your Liege Lord, you get a 3% bonus of all goods I produce, and I get a 3% bonus of all goods you produce. Now, this 3% is not taken from you or I, they're bonuses. So no one loses on this, you only gain.

So, what are you waiting for?


GameFaqs is saying a Suikoden V is being made
Suikoden IV was disappointing for me
The 4-person battle parties were bleh compared to the 6-person battle parties of I and II
I hope the 6-person battle parties return for SV ^__^

I must look into this more


Yay! Photobucket uploaded my Winner Banner thing ^__^
Thanks much to isinfier_plains for reminding me of Photobucket 8D

So, here be the winners banner thing 83

MuahahaCollapse )

So, how is it? o___o

Oh yeah
And I shall put a date under the 'Creation!' for each contest so that everyone shall know when the winners won ^_^

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I was creating a banner-type thing for the icon creating contest that we might have someday
So I saved it so I could upload it
And I can't upload it! ;=;
Why doesn't it work??? XD
I've done this lots of times before with pictures and stuff O___o
I'm confused x__x
And I think the banner came out slightly well ^__^
It's colorful and messy O_o
It's not that great XD But I'm proud of it 8D
So hopefully I'll be able to upload it x_o

I got my Sims game to work on my PS2 ^__^
That made me happy

Can't wait for the PS3!
But it's sooo far from now! ;=;

That is all



I just wanted to ask...everyone here knows what Winter-Een-Mas is right? If you don't, click http://ctrlaltdel-online.com/index.php?t=static&bd=weminfo

It's basically the official Gamer Holiday. Even though it's only been around for 2 or so years, it's huge. Last year, it was talked about on TV, in online Forums, everywhere. And we're still trying to make it bigger. And even though it's not 'till January, it's never too early to start making plans for it.

I also made some Winter-Een-Mas icons.Collapse )

As usual, if you take them, comment and credit. I downloaded some new fonts yesterday, to help with their worksmanship. What I really need is photoshop....

Saturday, September 10, 2005


OK, well, I can admit I'm no great shakes at making icons. I can't do very many special effects. My icons are mediocre. But sometimes, that's OK.

Iconses!Collapse )

You can take any of these icons, if you so desire, but please, comment and credit. However mediocre my icons are, they're still my handiwork. The best I could do with the materials I've got.

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